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As we all know by now...

It's Getting harder than ever to retain your visitors' attention for over a minute nowadays.


And to add it's even harder to get someone                       to respond to your call-to-actions!



 Recent - research shows that getting - leads, subscribers and sales is getting more difficult In these days..

Our extremely experienced team will certainly put in the time to learn more about your business regarding your service, as well as provide a compelling commercial that will get your service the attention it is worthy of.

  • Custom Video Design

  • Website Design

  • Video Animation

  • And more…



Our spokesperson videos can be integrated into your website in countless ways.
We can have a spokesperson appear as soon as someone lands on your website, or even have one appear as someone goes to leave your website! We can even have our spokespersons hold a sign featuring your phone number or even an email opt-in form!


          We are without a doubt an Expert Video Creation and Chatbot Agency that's with 23 year combined experience, a business here at 12 gate designer that focus  on 100%  In  building and creating brand-new Video or chatbots for websites of any kind.


                                   We work with you to understand what are your website requirements, and our team then builds you an engaging  video or chatbot to meet your demands.

Videos and Chatbots are the only online marketing solution we provide for our clients and our team is experienced and knowledgeable at developing videos and chatbots for various markets,


                             Writing chatbot web content that converts, and also designing videos and chatbots that are exceptionally engaging and also enjoyable for the site visitor.

                             Our experienced Video creation and               conversational chatbot AI team will certainly collaborate with you to determine the very best strategy for your specific requirements...

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