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Get Started Easy As 1 2 3

I will provide you with the HTML code to easily
 install on your website & platform...

12gatedesigner "Prices Lowest on the Planet" 

The Average Cost for a 1-2 min 

Call for Custom Order or
Demo-800-307-9202 - Ask for Rod
"Free Video" When You Buy a
3D Avatar Intro
or Human Intro ...


Appointment Booking                          
Alarm Installation Company
Appliance Repair Business
Conference Registration
Bankruptcy Lawyer


Video Marketing Agency

Website Design Service

Weight Loss Service

Water Heater Business
Child Care

Car Dealer
CPA Service
Computer Repair Business
Cleaning Service
Dog Trainer

Travel Agency

Storage Facility Business

And Much More


Custom Human-Pal Spokesperson Intro Overlay Form
200 words or less - $698.98 - and $89.97 monthly
Custom Avatar Intro In Overlay Form 200 words or
less - $597.97 - and $49.97 monthly
Stunning Avatar and Human-pal Animation  Price"- $698.98 and- up 
Custom Commercial Video Avatar or Human-pal Spokesperson 200 words or less  -$597.97
Commercial Videos Avatar Spokesperson pre-scripted
30-45 seconds - $297.97
Jean AIBot Rep "Include Conversational Chatbot, Custom Avatar or Human-pal Spokesperson 300 words Video Intro in Overlay Form and 4 Bot-Rep templates - $2497.97 and $138.97 monthly / set-up included
Website Basic Includes --------------$249.49 + $14.97 monthly  / Activation Fee Included Name-Address-Phone 1000 word 
content- 3page
Website Premium Includes ---------$349.49 + $49.97 monthly  / Activation Fee Included Name-Address-Phone 1500 word 
content- 5page 1 commercial video
Website Platinum Includes -------$1149.49 + $49.97 monthly  / Activation Fee Included Name-Address-Phone 3000 word 
content- 10+page- 1 commercial video- Intro Video-
1 Conversational Chatbot
Website Includes --------------------$549.49 + $49.00 monthly  / Activation Fee Included and 1 Conversational Chatbot
SEO PRO-------------------------------------$949.98 set-up +$497.98 monthly / SEO PRO 1-IntroVideo, 1 Commercial Video 30 to 40 second and 70 Directory Listing
SEO PRO EXTRA------------------$1197.98 set-up Fee + $1597.97 monthly / SEO Pro- Content Pro- Social Post Pro- 70 Directory Listing - 2 Videos( 1 intro and 1 Commercial) 30 to 40 second and Conversational Chatbot
SEO PLUS-----------------------------$1397.97 set-up Fee + $2897.98 monthly / SEO Plus, Pick One Google or FaceBook or TiK ToK Plus -PAID AD  Your Choice  Also you need to
BUDGET FOR ADVERTISEMENT  ----$2000 to $4000
2 Videos( 1 intro and 1 Commercial) 30 to 40 second and Conversational Chatbot
Content Plus
This plan includes 2 blog articles per month that are 500 words each. The blogs will be written out by one of our content experts and checked for quality by another expert. All blogs written by our team are 100% original and can help rank your clients' website pages higher and attract more visitors.
Social Post- Plus
This plan is ideal for businesses looking to increase their branding and online presence with 12 posts to 2 social media channels every month. With this plan, your brand will be legitimized and appear active with regular posts, letting people know that the business is always operational.
 If You Desire for our Company to install your Avatar, Human-pal, or Animation Video, there is an additional charge of - $297.97 set-up fee

Laser Eye Surgery
Personal Injury-Attorney
Custody Attorney
DUI Attorney
Pest Control
Credit Repair
Cleaning Service
Dog Training
Italian Restaurant
Fitness Training Gym
Hair Salon

Human-pal Spokesperson Intro In Overlay Form on

Your Website

Pre-Scripted -$597.97 and $49.97 monthly

Could range from $1000 to $10,000

Average Cost of a 1 min Animation 

Could range from $7000 to $20,000 



What Makes the Avatars and Human-pal Different from other Apps?
Avatar and Human-pals is the only app in the world with visual 3D , AI smart scene creator and industry leading multilingual and video technologies not available in any other app! According to recent studies a video like the ones we offer, will help by 90% on a consumer or client buying decision... 

What is a Jean AI Bot Rep?

Jean AI Bot Rep is a special kind of Interactive Video designed to mimic the behavior of a traditional text-based AI Chat Bot - but in video form. The end result is a unique buying experience for customers that makes them FEEL like they're talking to a real salesperson who works at your company. You can have your first Jean AI Bot Rep live in under a few days from now..

Can I used my own images or logo?

Yes! You can easily used your own images, photos, logos and other content you like to add to your videos!

Is their a One-Time payment or Monthly?

There is a Monthly fee on the Jean AI Bot Rep, Conversational Chat-Bot, and Intros Commercial in overlay form only, However, all other videos are one-time payments...

How Do We Get In Touch With You?

We believe you will enjoy using Service rather its a Avatar , Human-pal or AI Bot Rep, however if you face any issues, we will be here to assist. Send us an email to our support desk and we will get back to you ASAP!

What languages are supported?

We’ve selected the very best Google and Microsoft have to offer, totaling 30+ languages ( 70 + different voices). PLUS there are 12 synthetic HUMAN voices available in English language.

Will this work outside the US?

YES, of course! We have members from ALL over the globe. Your location does NOT matter. And you're NOT limited to working with businesses in your local area. In fact, you can literally live in a cabin in the woods with no humans in sight for 100 miles - as long as you have an internet connection and can turn on a computer, this will work for you.

I don't know you or this Company, do you have Proof?

YES, of course! Please look on the home page of this Website and scroll down to the middle of the page, you will see what others are saying.

 Is there a "Refund" If am not Satisfied?

First, we will not offer you anything that you would not be happy with, Because We offer Service and Build Websites, Videos, or AI Bot reps for your Company Specification and Offer Demos Before Purchase, All Sales Will Be Final Upon Completion....
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